Most Canadian fishing destinations come with a policy of "No fishing after dinner". You could very well be missing out on prime time angling in the land of the midnight sun. No one wants to watch the sunset for 6 hours every day when they could be catching huge fish.
 At Taltson Bay the evening bite is something that shouldn't be missed. A very unique nightly occurrence where the Taltson River meets the shallow water delta of Great Slave Lake. Our pike activelty hunt in this area well into the night much the same way you would expect walleyes to.  Nowhere else do pike feed at night in such huge packs. Often times the night bite surpasses the daytime angling for numbers of pike exceeding 41".  It is not uncommon to troll less than 50 yards before another monster pike slams your bait. It's quite a battle when lures are being pulled on short lines of 20' or less. 
 Moonlit nights under the northern lights. The silence of the Canadian wilderness. And the shock of a huge Northern Pike trying to pull you into the water. It's one heck of a rush.
 Night time trophy pike fishing. It only happens here at Taltson Bay, where our monsters never sleep.

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