The Fishing

Taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge is arguably one of most famous bucket list destinations for serious anglers. We are the ultimate excursion for the 1% of the 1% of hardcore anglers looking to return home with a few bruises from hundreds of battles with the largest population of trophy fish anywhere in North America.

We invite any and all anglers to fish their way thru the northern United States and across the premier fishing destinations throughout Canada...Then make this your trip of a lifetime, be it once or annually. This is not the trip to start your Canadian fishing experience. This is the trip to achieve your pinnacle.  Chances are that if you are looking at this page you are looking for exactly that. And we promise to deliver. Our anglers continually put up more trophies every week than other pike fishing destinations do in a month or sometimes an entire season. We are very proud to say that even an average trip with us is better than the best camps in North America

The Mighty Pike

Our pike fishing is simply unbelievable. We are well aware that it sounds like a fish story. But we assure you that we are known by every other camp in Canada as well as every serious pike angler across the globe because of the numbers and sheer size of what our alumni catch day after day. The average catch rate is 1 every 12 minutes. The average pike is 38". That's a great fish for most of the fishing world. With us it's one that got to the bait faster than the 41"-50" fish behind it.

To put it into perspective for a group of 4 you should expect 500-1,000 landed. 10-25% of those should be of Master Angler class 41" and above.  We have been managing the numbers for over a decade and they hold true year after year with no fluctuation to the averages.  It only makes sense because we are the only outfit on the entire southeast side of a lake that is 300 miles long, and we are at the mouth of the Taltson River which the whitefish have to go through every year. Basically we are sitting on the world's best barrel of fish.  Coupled with barbless hook regulations and a Catch & Release Trophy policy we have a fishery that is strong and stable. Our Northern Pike fishing can not be beat by any operation to date.

The Canadian Walleye

As an added bonus we have a newly discovered walleye hotspot that can go up against any destinations for both numbers and size. You'd be hard pressed to not catch one every other minute..sometimes every other cast. And the average size is around 20-24" with the occasional high twenties horse mixed in. The area that the walleyes occupy in june is directly under the northerns...meaning literally the 7-8' depth in 8' of water with the population of northerns occupying everything above. Our walleyes have NO problem crushing baits like Grinders, musky buck tails, Bulldawgs, pike spoons, etc. These fish are in our area to do one thing. Eat. Period.

From late June til fall the walleyes set up shop in an area roughly 1/4 mile long by 1/8 mile wide that is adjacent to our pike fishing grounds. A simple 8' deep trench leading to the river that the walleyes use as a non-stop feeding highway. There is no mystery to it. Dare we say you can leave all the fine tuned walleye angling knowledge behind. Bring a Shad Rap or two and a handful of 6"-8" long twister tails. Throw them in The Trench and shoot for that trophy 'eye. It really is that simple. Poke around the fishing reports and you'll see some 20-30lb stringer shots of shore lunch walleyes that were caught in an hour..not in an entire trip.


The Elusive Inconnu

The other bonus that applies to our earliest guests immediately following ice out (June 1) is the chance of catching Inconnu.

"What's an Inconnu?"

Inconnu (also called Sheefish or Connies) are a predatory whitefish related to salmon. They grow to 50"+ and can weigh in excess of 50lbs. Think of it as a freshwater version of a tarpon. They are elusive except in the first two weeks of june when they are mixed in with Northerns and Walleyes along our shallow shorelines. Inconnu are one of the hardest fighting pound for pound freshwater fish in North America. Some are virtually impossible to land as they never cease fighting, twisted and turning even once boated. They have no problem crushing musky size lures and equally no problem breaking musky size gear. Once you catch one you will be a member of a very exclusive group that has tangled with something that most veteran anglers will never see in their lifetime, much less have a chance to catch.

Fishing Bonuses

The best part of our fishing experience is that it starts at our dock (many trophies have come from under the dock.). Your average boat ride is 10 minutes or less. There are no hour long rides to that "secret guide spot". We ARE that spot. Time is not wasted on travel at Taltson Bay. Sure, we have other spectacular areas 15-45 minutes away for the change of pace if you'd like, but most alumni don't burn much gas during their weeks with us.  

Another huge bonus is that we fish well into the night. Most camps have a cut off time that doesn't allow you to fish after dinner. For us that is prime time, The 7pm-midnight Northern Pike bite is something unique to our area. Huge numbers of trophy pike consistently come from the night bite. We know of no other place on Earth where this happens. It is something that every angler should experience under the Aurora Borealis.

When you're ready to be the 1% of the 1% allow us to welcome you into the club. We would love to show you what the pinnacle of freshwater fishing looks like.